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Boiler Replacement


Boiler replacements from £1250.00!



POWERFLUSH from £280.00!

Heating - Plumbing - Bathrooms


No Call Out Charge - 24hr Telephone Service...

Providing energy efficiency

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Boiler service


Boiler Service £60+vat - Valid until 31-11-2011

Landlords Gas Safety


Landlords Gas Safety Inspection £60+vat

Central Heating System


Brand new Central Heating System - from £2,500!




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All full plumbing and drainage service.

Bathroom & Showers


We offer a wide range of accessories.



Installation and repairs for all heating systems.



Aston Cord are specialists in renewal energy.

Loft Insulation


Benefits of loft insulation

Cavity Wall Insulation


Cavity Wall Insulation

Underfloor Heating


Underfloor heating, with better heat distribution.

Air Source Heat Pumps


Benefits of air source heat pumps

Heat Pumps


Ground Source Heat Pumps

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