All the reasons you shouldn’t do DIY roof repairs

Do-it-yourself projects can be great — they’re big money-savers, and if you’ve got some changes…

Do-it-yourself projects can be great — they’re big money-savers, and if you’ve got some changes you want to make around your home, improvising and using your own time and strengths are a big advantage.

All that said, you want to pick the RIGHT kind of DIY project, if you’re going to attempt something: Maybe painting a room or two, working in the yard, or something you have previous experience in; those are all great ideas and things to consider.

Here’s what you don’t want to do: A roof, for example. Repairs to your roof are a big undertaking, and the experts at Beaver Home Services provided some reasons as to why you should leave this job to the professionals:

1. It involves pulling permits with city/county, and inspections.

Roofers have to follow specific codes, or else the roof will not pass inspection.

There are actually two inspections to complete a roofing permit, “in progress” and “final inspections.”


A company like Beaver Home Services has all the proper licensing to get the job permitted properly.

“Our site supervisors make sure all inspections are completed and the job is done right,” a Beaver Home Services representative said.

2. You need someone with expertise in navigating the insurance claim process.

This means supplying insurance companies with all proper documentation to close out a claim.

“We have an entire back office dedicated to making the claim process to smooth,” BHS said.

3. There’s some danger involved with roofing.

The professionals need proper harnesses and roping, during the tear-off and installation processes.

“All of (us at) Beaver Home Services have the proper safety equipment, workman’s comp and general liability insurance to make sure everything is covered,” the company said.

4. Navigating the clean-up process and dumpster logistics can be a LOT.

There has to be a clean-up plan in place, prior to the first shingle coming off the house — and that includes tarping, shielding key areas where damage can occur, magnetic roller tools to pick up excess nails, and a dumpster; which can only hold up to 30 squares of roofing.


Most houses require two dumpsters through the process.

“Beaver Home Services is known to leave the house in better condition than when we first arrived.”

5. Think about warranties.

Manufacturers feel more confident in warranting their products when a licensed roofing contractor performs the work, plus, the roofing contractor should be offering a “workmanship warranty,” Beaver Home Services said, adding that the company warranties its workmanship for 15 years, which the highest in the industry. The standard is five years.

6. Consider all the materials.

When it comes to shingles, underlayment, drip edge and air ventilation systems, you want an expert guiding a homeowner through that process.

For more information, watch the video, above.

If you need to contact someone for a free inspection, you can text “Inspection” to 904-467-6868. You can also enter in to win a free roof by texting “roof” to 904-467-6868. Find more info at

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